Stonehenge is probably the most sophisticated stone circle in the world. The giant stones have been here on the Salisbury plains for over 4000 years.It evolved from a simple bank and ditch in the neolithic period, some 5000 years ago to a very sophisticated stone circle built on the axis of the midsummer sunrise.

There are many stories circulating about its significance - It could have been an astronomical observatory or used for sacred rituals linked to the sun or successful crops or even the dead.More information provided at the end.

Some snaps from my visit on 27 September 2009.Below the stones from different angles.

How to get there: I took a train to Salisbury from Bristol Templemeads railway station(Bristol). The Stonehenge Tour bus starts from the Salisbury railway station. Salisbury also has the the cathedral which has the tallest spire in Europe and the original Magna Carta. Besides that there is also the Old Sarum, which is a ancient hill top site which had a fortress and a religious site.(Link at the bottom).

The Stonehenge Tour bus from Salisbury railway station
Voila, the Stonehenge mysterious stone circle !
Yeah, yeah its me @ Stonehenge ! The ropes prevent me from getting closer !
Shots from Different angles!
Another angle !
Full circle !
A short video at Stonehenge -
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