Clifton Suspension bridge - One of the World's greatest bridges.




There are some things in the world that never cease to amaze all – like the Clifton suspension bridge. You might have seen bridges with pillars supporting it or maybe small rope bridges. But this one just suspends with no support of pillars from below.More astounding is the fact that the concept was thought of it 1850s and after development, it still runs cars on it through 2009 !

.Bristol in UK is known for this suspension bridge which was designed by 24 year old Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The foundation stone was laid on 1831, but the bridge was finally completed only in 1864.Unfortunately, Isambard could not live to see it as he died in 1859. Despite being designed for horse carriages, it now has cars passing through it. The bridge sits proudly on the cliffs of Avon gorge in Clifton. More information on technology of the suspension bridge is provided at the end of the page.

 Entrance to drive or walk through the suspension bridge
See the bridge suspended without any support from below
You can see the heavy chains that support the deck and structure.
Board reads as- This bridge was designed in 1830 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel ( 1806 - 1859 ).Construction began in 1836 but was interrupted in 1845 through lack of funds. It was not until 1864, five years after Brunel's death that the bridge was completed as a monument to his fame. The chains used being those from the Hungerford Bridge designed and erected by him in 1843.
  Bolts and fasteners - Some snaps from (http://www.farvis.com/bridge,htm.htm / http://www.clifton-suspension-bridge.org.uk/)
A view with a difference
View from the middle of the bridge
Cars driving through the suspension bridge
Telescopic views available from the mountain tops - 20p only !
The clifton hills feature a variety of plants and greenery. Twenty four variety of rare species plants grow in this gorge.
Beautiful flowers on the gorge
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