On a bright Saturday January morning (30/Jan/2010) , I went to Wells.

Wells is a small cathedral city and civil parish in the Mendip district of Somerset, England, on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills.

Built between 1175 and 1490, Wells Cathedral has been described as “the most poetic of the English Cathedrals”

Wells Cathedral
The Wells clock (below) is an astronomical clock in the north transept. The surviving mechanism, dated to between 1386 and 1392, was replaced in the 19th century, and was eventually moved to the Science Museum in London, where it continues to operate. It is the second-oldest surviving clock in England. The dial represents the geocentric view of the universe, with sun and moon revolving round a central fixed earth. It still has its original medieval face and, like the astronomical clock at Ottery St Mary, shows a philosophical model of the pre-Copernican universe with the earth at its centre. As well as showing the time on a 24 hour dial, it also reflects the motion of the sun and the moon, the phases of the moon, and the time since the last new moon.
When the clock strikes every quarter, jousting knights move around above the clock and the Quarter jack bangs the quarter hours with his heels. An outside clock opposite Vicars' Hall, placed there just over seventy years after the interior clock, is connected with the inside mechanism.
The second oldest clock in the world- The dial of the clock inside Wells Cathedral
  Below The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset, England, is adjacent to Wells Cathedral and has been the home of the Bishops of the Diocese of Bath and Wells for 800 years.
Below I'm at the weekly Saturday village fair..... lots of interesting stuff
Below --- Dog food to start with - pigs n cows ears !
Hand made Brass dragons below - amazing !
Full circle !
Wonder why they are selling Desert Assault vests in this village ? Even the jacket will be asking itself - What am I doing here :)
text source: wikipedia.org
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