Driving up the hills is great fun and its more exciting especially when you find many lakes on the hilltops. 'Tal' means a lake. Thats Nainital. (Uttarakhand state,India). Details on Nainital in the wiki link given below). It was great to get away from the blazing New Delhi heat. Some snaps below on the road trip. One of the best part of road trips is that you can stop anytime and get fresh fruits on the way.

By the side of a lake - Go by boat or road ?
Buildings on the mountains by Nainital lakeside
A refreshing morning cup of tea by the mountain side
Colorful boats ready to offer a pleasant cruise on the lake. You have the short tour and the long tour.
The best part of these small boats is you are really close to the water when you sit in them.
Nainital on : wikipedia.org
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