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October 3-5,2008:

Unplanned Drives

Unplanned drives have their own fun. You suddenly decide to go out someplace and enroute discover ..... Oh I forgot to pick my favourite jeans ! Thats ok ( If you forget to take your *****wear !!!!! Boy - tough call dude... head for the nearest store) .

Friday morning I suddenly decided to drive down in my Zen Estilo to Dehra doon, capital of Uttarakhand state, 240 km from New delhi approx.Mussoorie hill station is an attraction there and is pretty cool for a weekend getaway (provided you manage to get 2 or 3 days holiday more.... just to laze around and relax!)

A small photofeature ~

Red needle looks better beyond the 100 mark . Ya i crossed it much beyond, but wont show you the illegal proof :-)
See what bored passengers do in the rear seat !
  This water hand pump is great fun among the village greens and quite ! - creaks slowly and gives you real cool natural water just like the fridge.Refreshed me that I could do a feww 100kms more!
  Thats at Deepshika Hotel in Dehra Doon - a Rainy morning, smell of rain - did not need the AC. I tried on a few switches to get the AC running previous night and the whole hotel lost power ! They however restored it in 15 minutes. My son does this better - The whole Spencer store in Shoprix ,Noida was wondering why the power was ON and OFF, again and again..... till they discovered 5 year old Amal playing with the store mains. I guess you understand we are a POWERful family :-D
  High on the mountains , driving among the fog - nothing better than hot cuppa chaiii (tea)
  @ Kempty falls - Something on ropes to go up and down for people who dont like walking or trekking. It was easy walking down- but the climb back was too harsh ! I lost calories that i would lose in a week. Guys u can take a week off from the gym if you climb up and down these steps! Friendly advice - skip Kempty falls .Its only Empty. :-D
Manpowered boats - this one KIDpowered pedals
Ya Ya..love me ... love my car !
Misty roads
Fresh forest and drizzling rain !!!!!!
Night scene on the mountain-tops !
  On the way back to Doon - it says Bhatta village - 1600 m above the sea level . Now which boat carries a village so high above sea level ???????
  Drivers view : Real bad visibility - but was challenging to drive through the steep slopes!
  Back to flat roads in Doon valley!
  Whazzat ? Still guessing ?- Indian Military Academy, producing the best of best Men in uniform in this world. Be proud to see this IMA snap. And Im prouder to see it 'Live' !
  Sun peeping through the forests
  Plenty of monkeys playing Tarzan on the roads- Drive carefully. Our Hotel reception board says "Monkeys love to share your room- Keep windows closed." . However - I would prefer "Monkeys run this Hotel- Please see what u can get free" - :-D.
  I cant resist clicking a Bullet and found plenty of them all over Doon and Mussorie.. Royal Enfield Bullets rule ! Thump ON !
  Im confused - Which "LIVER" box is he referring to ?
  Ahaaa.... the real pleasures - The sweet potatoes right on top smoked on coal and great masala was a royal treat.Same with fresh ,crispy tender cucumbers on the way !!!!!!! All this can only be discovered on a road trip - Drive ON !
  Zen Estilo is a good small car for these mountains too- good handling,balance,power and pick up with AC on.Good mileage too around 15km/litre.
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