A well-travelled Royal Enfield Bullet ?


What do we call a person who has crossed the seas and travelled to different places ? - Yeah - a well travelled person ! Well applying the same principle we can come to a well travelled Royal Enfield Bullet.

I know we may have heard about someone whos done a world tour on a bullet. Well i think i have found what seems to be a real well travelled bullet ! However you can tell me your thoughts based on the snaps below.


I was shocked to find an Indian registration bike in front of a supermarket in Bristol ! (That too a Tamilnad state registration ). Long long way to ride baby I thought. But you never know I may like a chinese numberplate on my bike front too... good design u see :) !

So i walk to the backside and voila a UK registration ! I wonder why UK vehicles have a white registration board in front and yellow reg board for the rear ... shall google it !

Well, thats a stretcher .. I'm sure it can exceed the length of the car ! I just felt like I was back in India seeing this Bullet all stretched over !

Now heres the part which made me feel, probably the bike was well travelled !

A list of countries hand painted on the bike box -

Ecuador,Colombia,Panama,Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico,US,Canada and Bristol ! - the distance which is a cakewalk for a Royal Enfield Bullet.
  I waited for the owner of the bike I would like to know if this bullet has really travelled all the distance! Your comments and feedback are welcome.

What do you feel ? It has travelled the world or not - Y or N ? -- send your feedback below !

Update (14/8/09):

I got a response from Rod Carey (Midland Bullets) who happened to see my post and emailed me saying that bike could mostly belong to Jacqui F. and details could be available on an enfield forum .(Small world - and Internet makes it smaller :) and i got a response from Jacqui Furneaux !

Response from the bike owner - Jacqui Furneaux
I would say a definite 'YES!' because I am the rider of this magnificent machine. I bought it in Chennai in March 2000 and arrived back in Bristol with it in March 2007 after travelling through 20 countries! (You missed the ones listed on the other side!) If you want to read our story, buy a July 2009 copy of THE RIDERS DIGEST where you will find Part One and heaps of pictures. We will also be at Bristol Bike Show this coming Saturday 15th August. Thanks for taking these pictures. We'd better meet up and have a session extolling the virtues of Enfields!


You can find part of her story on the enfield in the Riders Digest July Issue- truly inspiring !
I also met Jacqui at the Bristol Bike Show 2009

You can also check her website - http://jacquifurneaux.com/


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