Amitabh bachan and Dharmendra in Sholay

Most in India who have grown up watching hindi movies will definitely remember the hero on a motorbike ... it had to be a Royal Enfield Bullet. Of course, I personally can't imagine Amitabh bachan riding a 150cc fat fati Rajdoot which used to always seem like gasping for dear breath! Now thats something thats real undigestable. The hero on an Enfield Bullet reflects sheer power through its classic iconic status.

Notably starting from the 1975 movie Sholay featuring Amitabh and Dharmendra on the Bullet , now 36 long years down the line even if we just look at 2011 movies, we can see the Enfield featured prominently.

Indian Movies featuring Enfields in 2011
> Ajay Devgan in 'Singham'
> Katrina in 'Zindagi Na Milega Dobaara'
> Arbaaz Khan in 'Dabangg'
> Kanagna in 'Tanu weds Manu'
> Gul Panag in 'Turning 30'

Ajay Devgan in Singham

Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milega Dobara

Kangna in Tanu weds Manu

Gul in Turning 30

Not forgetting South Indiasuperstars using Bullets ... Mammooty and Mohanlal

Amitabh on the Harley in "Buddha hoga tera baap" in 2011 has not been too pleasing ! So all bikes have come to India starting from the Japs - Hondas,Yamahas,Suzukis and the International 'potato-potato' , Harley Davidson! - YET ,

..... amazingly... the Enfield Bullet simply reigns supreme and is the First choice in Indian movies! Probably Enfield Bullet has become part of Indian culture now :)

[Bullet nahi to Kuch nahi] (If its not Bullet,its Nothing!)

Recently Gul Panag got married and she travelled from her marriage in an Enfield accompanied by 20 odd baaratis on the Enfield too ! Cheers to that !

Who said the Enfield Bullet was British ? :D


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- Well if it hadn't of been designed by the British in the West Midlands , it wouldn't by made in India today, simple logic raly i think, Regards Den,

* Dear Den, I only intended it as humor - considering the massive love and demand for the Enfield Bullet in India in 2011 , compared to UK :-) T


Riding to work
Now smile as u wash ur motorbike
Royal Enfield- Chopper special