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  Life is many times monotonous and mundane. There are a lucky few who discover some things that they are passionate about and spend spare time nurturing it. Passionate to the core that they don’t look at end-rewards. Some find joy in stamp collection; others are in adventure sports or getting a high restoring old cars and motorbikes.

How nice it would be if one could be fulltime engaged in ones passion? Wow! – That would be lovely. Best example would be running my own business that deals in stuff that I’m passionate about.

I love riding motorbikes – a few excuses!

- It feels like being one with nature
- Love the wind on my face
- Get a real thrill on a motorbike ride
- Lifts up my spirits
- Gets me charged up for the day … blah blah!

We also have to ‘WORK’ so that we have enough funds to keep indulging in our motor biking and riding. Now I agree its tough for all of us motorbike riders/lovers to start our own automobile factory or just keep on riding around the world!

What could be the next closest step?

- Riding to work!


There have been some prejudices in society with people riding motorbikes and most people do not look at bikers as nice folks just touring a place on a motorbike. There have been biker gangs with tattoos and a rash social life which have inspired a lot of movies etc. However despite all that there are many who prefer to ride to work! So will this affect you as a professional in your career if you ride to work?

I do not think so. I love riding to work on my classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike, though there may be an occasional oil leak! But people do give you a look as you walk into office with helmet, riding gloves, jacket – that’s some daily adventurous guy! I do feel riding to work projects my distinct personality and gives me happiness.




I checked with a few leading executives who ride to work and this is what they have to say about riding to work and career impacts.

* I regularly attend client meetings on my Yamaha TRX 850, never mind just travel to work. It's always gone down really well, a conversation starter for sure, plus I never get stuck in jams and roadworks. Certainly helps me stand out from the usual BMW/Audi drivers in marketing etc...stand up and stand out from the crowd I say!!

Craig Whitney
Owner, Grainger Group Ltd
(Craig also runs motorbike tours http://www.motorbiketourswales.co.uk besides his marketing consultancy operations.)

* I would ride anyday but being female I have other problems to deal with such as helmet hair! I have gone to a few low key meetings on my bike and the conversation takes ages to get onto business! I only ever had one prejudice before the colleague met me as he thought I would be covered in tattoos with greasy hair. Some people are so narrow minded. I'm a VP of Sales and my bike (CBR600RR 08) has not affected my career. So, in my opinion, it's bike where ever possible!

-Tracey Cooper
VP Sales at OmniPerception

* I would definitely go by bike at work everyday if it was not my little girl who needs a drive to kindergarten.
I do not think this would damage my image, on the contrary. It’s true it’s my own company and as far as my client’s concern… I am in advertising and advertising people are generally accepted as weirder than others. And it’s also true that being a woman on a bike it’s a funny way to generate a sort of “wow” that never hurts.

Roxana Farca
Owner, ID Studio

* I'd like to believe there's no longer any prejudice regarding bikes in the US but still get the odd look from colleagues when the subject comes up. That said it doesn't stop me from riding into Manhattan for interviews and meetings. You should see the looks I get when parking the bike and stripping off my gear to reveal a suit and tie underneath.

Anthony Hamberg
Strategy / Business Development / Operations


Driving is fantastic but riding is even better, half the wheels and double pleasure ¡ Cannot see how being associated to a motorbike can endanger your image at work. Those silIy prejudices do not deserve any attention. I even come by bicycle ¡

-Jorge Martin Diaz de Espada
Ports / shipping engineer

I always ride to work and in fact have just got my employers to build dedicated motorcycle bays with locking posts!

As I am NEVER late for meetings (as I get to them on an R1), I think they see it as a positive that I ride a bike. There should never be any need for prejudice, especially if you are good at your job.

Steve - Senior web developer,UK.

There you go folks! Let’s ride to work!

Ride to Work Day dates back to 1992, when an editorial in a U.S.-based bike magazine advocated riders heed the slogan on garments made by a motorcycle-clothing manufacturer: Work to Ride -- Ride to Work. It wasn't until 2000 that a volunteer, not-for-profit organization, Ride to Work Inc., was formed http://www.ridetowork.org./

Cheers and wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year 2009!
Tharikh (BT)

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