Bikes at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Delhi Bikers Breakfast ride was held on 17 September 2011. This ride is different with individuals or members of different biker groups coming together for a short ride to support motorbiking! .The crux - A short ride away from the city with breakfast! Opportunity to meet new folks and expand your horizon, enrich your lives, see creatively modified motorbikes and have a nice time - not forgetting a delicious breakfast !

Joshua Koodathinal John, an artist at headrush Art is also a Senior member of Royal Beasts motorbiking club ,Delhi. His passion for motorbiking is well known and he has been organizing Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run- an initiative to promote motorbiking.The 10th Delhi Biker's B'Fast Run (September) was held on 17th September - a short ride to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

Some snaps on the event - Starting point - South Extension 5.30 am , kickstart @6.00 am. 4 the interested. You can join future rides on Facebook. here -

Dude... wheres my Bike ?


Breakfast ... Sandwiches,puri,curry,eggs,cutlet,tea ! .. not Michael Jackson !
Pant in the socks to keep the engine oil away!


Bikes of N O T E !
When we customise a bike, we give it a distinct character reflecting - Rider and Bike
Some impressive ones .....


The Classic Military look


Wonderful blue is very Navy



Extra wide fuel tank and split seats

Cafe Racer styling !


More photographers than the photo-graphed ?

Harleys on da ride! See Fatboy vs blue Slimboy ?


Some more snaps on the ride!

Gurgaon expressway - Rider on the Storm


BT / Vinod


Kam / BT


@ South Extension !



Riding to work
Now smile as u wash ur motorbike
Royal Enfield- Chopper special


Paintings @ headrushART