Enfield photography: Karin Eibenberger

We all love riding and capture those memories in photographs.Riding and photography maybe a natural combination. Thats what Karin Eibenberger is all out to prove. She is featured on planet BT for the month of May 2010.

Karin Eibenberger is currently (2010) studying biomedical/biomechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Linz(Austria). She loves riding motorbikes and photography. She has her Royal Enfield 500 which is her true love.

In her words - " My first motorcycle, my first love. I was riding on her through half of Europe and through every kind of weather and landscape, thousands of kilometres. What a reliable and beautiful motorcycle! "

She is very lucky to visit really beautiful places on her Enfield and click amazing snaps of scenery and her Enfield.

She has travelled to the following places on her Enfield -
Motorcycling in Ireland 2009/ Scotland 2007/ Sardegna 2008/Iceland 2002 - 2006 / Tuscany 2008 / Norway 2004

You can check out her Europe Enfield motorbike tour snaps on the link provided below.

Sample snaps from her photo gallery.


Below snap from Iceland ! Where else you want the Enfield to go !



Click link to Karin's website : A Must see ! You can also buy the high quality photographs !


Have a nice weekend!

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