Modified motorbikes: Everybody likes to customise motorbikes to suit their own tastes and comforts. I have not done much on my Royal Enfield. I came across some pics of Bullets modified into choppers.aka US ishtyle.Personally I am not much in favour of wild modifications unless safety factors have been considered and is legal so that you can ride free without looking out for cops ! (Pics - vardenchi.com,royalenfieldlesite.com).



You can see the RE engine there.I have not ridden a chopper style bike before, but I feel this one may make my arms ache!



Top view of the rear wheel ..... artistic glory!



This one is apt for the AC/DC song "Back in Black".Take an old RE and make it this way !



Now that looks like an alien scanning the landscape !



The red lights are cool ...Terminator style ! (This is a vardanchi design)



A box-y look !



This looks fatboy- (Rahul's bike.)



Fire everywhere !



This chrome shiney one's from Goa !


  Now..now, thats a plain cycle designed like a chopper.... built by Barcelona-based company (Make Bicycles.)- Happy pedalling !
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